Tips to Clean Your Dryer Vents

Dryer lint is often an “out-of-sight” item and that has a tendency to be overlooked but is a simple task that can potentially be a dangerous situation to your property. The primary issue is fire safety when it comes to dryer vent maintenance and cleaning. Both residential and commercial dryers need to be routinely supported depending on how much usage each dryer gets. When a dryer vent is clogged, airflow is reduced and dryers are forced to work harder. This means the air traveling through the ductwork and vents gets hotter and does not dry properly.  Dryer vent fires cause a substantial number of damages, injuries, and deaths annually directly as a result of failure to clean the dryer vent.

Other then an electrical issue in the dryer, these dryer fires are caused by highly flammable lint that gets caught up in the dryer duct which becomes heated to the point where it ignites. Dryers normally come with lint traps or filters but even though they are designed to capture 100% they in reality only collect around 70%.

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), there are approximately 15,000 structure fires, hundreds of injuries, and more than a dozen deaths reported each year due to dryer vent fires.  Amazingly, half of all commercial dryer vent fires start from within the lint trap.  The NFPA states there is an average of 3,700 structure fires at hotel or motel properties annually, causing $127 million in damage. Of those fires, 10% are clothes dryer related. In industrial and manufacturing properties, as well as other commercial environments, the statistical percentages grow even higher. The United States Fire Administration says that every year clothes dryer fires account for over $100 million in losses, and dryer fires involving commercial dryer vents have a 78% higher injury rate than residential dryer fires.

Cleaning your dryer vents and ducts can not only prevent fires but also limit mold, mildew and other bacteria in the dryer vent ductwork, allows for better efficiency with laundered items dry more quickly and evenly and enables the dryer to perform properly.


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