Residential Disasters

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Residential Disasters

Blue River Restoration Services, LLC provides local recovery and restoration solutions to get you back into your home and life quickly.

You never know when a disaster will strike or what form it will take. From bad storms that cause property damage to mold growth as the result of a hidden leak, a catastrophe can occur in a variety of ways. All disasters, however, usually have one thing in common: they’re always inconvenient — to put things modestly. That is why our professional restoration contractors pride themselves on fast reaction times and following industry standards to ensure that the job is done promptly and correctly.

24-Hour Emergency Response

Blue River Restoration Services, LLC is on call to respond to emergency restoration services. Our Emergency Response Teams are available 24 HOURS A DAY, 7 DAYS A WEEK with fleets of vehicles and equipment, fully stocked and ready for immediate response. Any time of day or night, all calls are answered by a dedicated Blue River Restoration team member, and immediately dispatched to a work crew with experience in dealing with residential properties of all sizes.

Water Damage

Within two hours of receiving your call, our water damage restoration experts will arrive on the scene to evaluate the damage and develop a plan to properly dry, clean and repair the property to reduce further damage. Throughout the process, you will be included in all services, costs, and timelines. The longer you wait, the worse the situation gets — not to mention, your chances of having a “sudden damage” claim approved begin to dwindle.

Fire Damage

Once the fire is out and the structure is safe to go back in, being able to separate the damaged from the undamaged property is essential. Putting out a fire means using water or a substance that will wet the structure. Getting the structure to dry, depending on how much water was used, could be approaching the process differently. Other than fire actually doing the damage, there is the smoke and odor also damaging property. Smoke and odor can affect the color, permeate the surfaces of the interior, and will get trapped into the materials of the home. The smell of smoke will be trapped into the carpets, drapes, furniture, and clothing. Unless these objects are cleaned property by professionals with being deodorized, they will continue to retain the trapped smoke and odor.

Storm Damage

Storms can cause damage beyond what the normal eye can see. Having a professional/certified expert look at your house for hail, water or structural damage will be extremely beneficial to you. Blue River Restoration will be able to get you the quick and accurate quote you and your insurance needs. Our team will immediately arrive at your home and begin the recovery process quickly and professionally.

Mold and Environmental Remediation

If mold has invaded your property, contact Blue River Restoration, LLC at once. Our mold remediation team has the tools and experience to assess your mold problem and recommend an effective solution for eliminating it.

Personal Property Restoration

Investing in the latest and highest quality industry technology, training and advanced equipment, Blue River Restoration, LLC is skilled to restore fabric-related items to their pre-loss conditions. In addition to concerns about an item’s appearance and structural integrity, we take into consideration the smells associated with fire and water related disasters. We use ozone treatments that break down the foreign particles that cause the odor.

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