Hate Smoke Odor? This is how you get rid of the odor.

Whether the smoke odor is from a fire in the house or apartment, or from somebody smoking in the area, it needs to go because nobody is a fan of the smell of smoke.  Does not matter if the odor is in your carpet, furniture, walls, doors, or any material that has the odor. Taking these steps will help you get rid of the smoke odor in your home.

The first step in getting rid of the smell of smoke is to get a flow of fresh air in the area. Opening windows while turning on fans will help get a current in the area to start removing the odor.  This cross-breeze will allow the processing of venting out the area to begin. Another trick that might help is to place a bowl of white vinegar in the room. Remember to keep that bowl out of reach from kids or pets for safety reasons. Starting with the structure itself, cleaning the walls and ceilings can be a difficult and often overseen. When picking cleaning products, make sure when picking, the products contain ammonia and glycol which are key ingredients for neutralizing odor. Always remember that these are harsh toxic chemicals and should be handled carefully. Be especially mindful to keep small children and pets away from the area until finished.

After working on the walls and ceilings next comes the floors. Floors are mainly made of carpet, wood, and tile. Carpets are majority fabric and need to be cleaned strong cleaners, shampooed or even replaced.  Hardwood floors need to be cleaned with wood-friendly or products made for wood cleaners. Always remember to get underneath furniture and corners of rooms. Try not to miss a spot.

Other things to touch on and clean are drapes and blinds. These need to be taken down and dry-cleaned. Windows and mirrors can be cleaned with a vinegar/water solution. Always remember to not forget corners and bordering parts such as window frames and sills.

When cleaning your home, whether apartment or house, always keep in mind, you can become accustomed to or overly familiar with the smell. You may not smell it, but it could be there for other people.

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