How to Remove Pet Odor

Even though pets are your best friends, nobody likes the smell or the odor. Our culture loves to cuddle our pets but eliminating the odor is key. There are many ways to get those scents out of your house. Here are some tips on how to keep your best friends in your house without getting too mad at them for how they smell by simply being able to remove pet odor.

Wash all of your clothes and home furnishings with odor rescue laundry detergent. Anything from rugs, blankets, clothes, linens, or anything that is machine washable draperies that can be washed easily, needs to be washed somewhat regularly. Cleaning all of your personal items will help to get back on track. Keeping on a normal cleaning schedule will always help. Vacuuming your carpet or cleaning the wood/tile floors also helps a consistent odor not be a thing.

Using products such as baking soda, vinegar, and other essential oils, that are safe for your pets and other people such as babies or kids, will help as well. Baking soda can be dusted on carpets and then vacuumed. It is amazing at absorbing the odor. Just let it sit for a few hours then vacuum it up. Using Febreze or other forms of scented spray, or even candles will also help with the odor.

With all that you are able to do to get rid of the odor of your pets, remember that sometimes you might just be putting a bandage on a broken bone. You may think it is helping but it really is not. Staying up on messes can save a lot of headaches. Getting new carpets or other furnishings after certain periods of time can help a lot. If your pet using the restroom on your floors or other furnishings, getting them cleaned right away will help as well. Hiring a professional cleaner for your home or carpets every year or so is also recommended for pet owners that have a lot of pets or messer pets (dogs that shed or cats that urinate outside the litter box).

Being able to remove pet odor can have many benefits such as lowering health risks and having a cleaner house. Blue River Restoration understands the headaches that can happen from your beloved pets. Let Blue River Restoration keep our house how you want it to be.

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