Disaster just happened…..Now what?

When a disaster happens there are so many emotions that could be going through your head. No matter what level of disaster or accident from little water damage or mold to a flooded basement or part of your home burned down by fire to complete catastrophe, your emotions can be a mess. What to do next is the question after a disaster just happened that must be answered with your emotions in check.

Your first step is to asses the situation. Depending on the level of the disaster, if 911 needs to be called, call them. The next step is to do a little bit of research and figure out if it is something you can do by yourself and be safe while doing it. Depending on how much water or where the water is, is there water electrical now. There is many questions with safety that should be answered first, then the next step is to contact your insurance company and let them know what happened. Clean up for you or a restoration company is the final step to getting your life back to your normal.

When it comes to choosing whether to make it DIY or choosing a restoration company, there is a lot of factors to figure out. The most important is time, money and the job itself. Time meaning how long is it going to take you to do it. Did something happen to your bedroom to where you do not have a place to sleep with doing it yourself could take months where a restoration company could take a week. Money meaning how much will it take to do it yourself vs going through insurance to a restoration company with time being a factor. You may be able to do it yourself but could it take more money that way because you do not have the right tools. The job itself meaning how much work will have to be done with your level of expertise.

There are a lot of variable to figure out and go through which option to go with in a short amount of time. What to do next is a hard question to figure out with emotions running high with what just happened. Just remember to keep calm, analyze the situation, and be safe. Let your friends at Blue River Restoration be the helping hand and getting your home and life back in order.

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