What to do once the Firefighters Leave

When a fire starts in your home or business, no matter the size, it is always a battle of emotions to get through the process. Once the firefighters leave, calling your insurance come is the next thing to do.

Once speaking with your insurance company, speak with them about the procedures for claims than about restoration companies. The cleanup process of the damaged property is a big aspect of the time frame. Cleaning the soot and any other damage quickly can be essential to contain the damages. At this point, separating the damaged and nondamaged property is a huge step. Keeping the nondamaged property away to keep it from potentially being damaged.

While doing all of this, make sure you have a place that you can stay if the property is damaged to the point that temporary living is not an opinion.

The final huge step is cooperating with your insurance company through the whole process. Adjusters will see the damaged within 48 hours because it is given top priority.

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