3 Reasons to Get Soot Professional Removed

A fire is 100% devasting, even the small ones. The fact is fire includes smoke and soot, and both of those are no joke either. These issues need to be resolved the correct way and in a timely fashion otherwise, they may not be able to get back to their pre-loss condition. This term, “pre-loss” condition, is insurance companies use for the properties original state before the damages occurred. Blue River Restoration is trained and educated on how to get the job done correctly to save you headaches down the road.  Soot removal is a big, dirty job. If you’re dealing with a small damaged area, removing it yourself can be manageable. But if you’re dealing with significant damage from a house fire or the stains just won’t come out, why not call the experts? Here are 3 reasons why choosing a restoration company to get soot professional removed is the better decision over doing it yourself will be much more beneficial.

1) Time is not always on your side. If left untreated or in the area for too long, smoke and soot will not only damage your health but damage your property to the point where it cannot be restored. They also both present serious health risks. Due to their particularly small particle size, they are easily inhaled into the lungs, causing respiratory issues. Exposure to soot has also been linked to various skin cancers. Soot can be very acidic which does not mix well on some surfaces and possessions in a home. If walls are cleaned incorrectly they can leave a permanent soot stain on them. Conversely, if a smoke damage restoration company is called immediately, much of this potential damage can be averted. For this reason, the price of not calling a fire damage restoration company can often be more expensive than not calling them because of all of the lost items you’ll have if they are not immediately and properly restored.

2) Not only what you see must be cleaned as well. Smoke and soot can get into the insulation and HVAC system.  If your HVAC system is running during a fire or following a fire, soot particles will enter your air ducts and filters, causing persistent odor problems and possibly even negative health consequences. To prevent this, we will clean your air ducts and ensure that all harmful and odor-causing particulate health risks are removed. Open windows, install fans and get the air moving will also help with removing some soot and odor but restoration companies have the tools to get the more difficult areas cleaned. Such as if there is a lot of moisture present, there will have to be significant dehumidifying to the air or risk secondary damage from mold. If the fire department sprayed your building with lots of water, you’ll need to do some water damage restoration first as well. Professional duct, vent and HVAC cleaning is also highly recommended. Otherwise, you might get the whole place cleaned up and turn only the HVAC system only to have the smoke damage and odor return.

3) Getting the job done correctly the first time. Soot is a messy and oily residue that leaves its mark on your home. Being of the nature of its acidity, if not done correctly, it can make the problem even worse. By hiring a professional restoration company, problems that could occur by a first timer can be eliminated raising the chances of the property getting done correctly, goes up. Smoke seeps through cracks, crevices, and hidden places, damaging areas you may not be able to see. Also, the health risks that come along with soot mentioned above.

All in all, the price to pay for a restoration company is the route to go because of the benefits it comes with. The hassle of ways the amount of money along with all of the other risks involved. Blue River Restoration understands that and is committed to getting your property back to the way you want it.

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