3 Key Steps to Getting Back on Track after a Storm

Severe storms in the Midwest are not your typical types that come to mind when you think of natural disasters. The Midwest does not have hurricanes or tsunamis, but there are tornadoes, blizzards, and severe thunderstorms.

These storms can be devasting in their own ways. Tornadoes and blizzard hold their own set of challenges with making it extremely dangerous to be outside or potential move from your location.

3 key steps once a storm has happened:

1) Be aware of Hazards and safe during cleanup
2) Have a professional look at the structure
3) Contact your insurance company and a contractor if needed

A bonus key step to help with the prevention of serious damage during a thunderstorm is to install high impact glass and impact-resistant shingles plus having storm shutters. These can also help lower our insurance.

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