Why you should not clean up a basement flood yourself?

Your basement has just flooded and now your looking for what is next. Wanting to do it yourself can be very cost effective, but there are many aspects that make sense for hiring Blue River Restoration to clean up the damages. Basement floods can be dangerous as well.

Cleaning out a flooded basement comes in doing 3 steps for the DIYers or professional companies. The steps are; remove water, clean/sanitize, and dry/restore the property and basement. There are many factors such as safety and equipment to get the job done correctly.

With having many different cables and cords running through your house, it is not safe to do work on electric unless you are an expert, let alone if there is water damage. The water may have caused damage to the electricity meaning the water may have currents running through it. Getting in the water could mean getting electrocuted.

Blue River Restoration has the equipment to make sure your property gets back to the state before the disaster. From humidifiers to vacuums to the safety gear, our experts will be able to tackle any job to get your basement restored. From the safety end of it to cleaning, sanitizing/disinfecting, and removing unsalvageable items is what Blue River Restoration will work quickly and efficiently to rationalize not doing it yourself.

Your home or business flooded? Don’t stress.

Catastrophic events are happening more and more in today’s day and age. Within nature and weather, these events happen on yearly basis around the world. Whether it be an earthquake, tornado, hurricane, or tsunami, these events bring mass destruction. Being in Indiana, hurricanes and tsunamis are not relevant and earthquakes are rare and not strong. Events like these in Indiana are from tornadoes and severe storm damage that cause damage by water, fire, storm, and debris.

The most common type of water damage is flooding. Flooding by natural causes or something breaking like a pipe can disrupt your home or business. Blue River Restoration understands time frames and knows that the job needs to be done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Majority of the time with a flood or water leak in a business, the company still needs to be open during business hours. Work does not just go away because of a flood.

Getting the water out of the flooded area is not the old part of the process. Restoring the rooms and buildings to how it was pre-water damage and making sure no structural damage has happened is also key. The fast action throughout the entire process is crucial.

Once everything is getting back to normal with the water being removed, checking for mold is the last step of restoring the area. Mold needs only five perfect conditions to grow in 48-72 hours; moisture, food source, prime temperature, no/minimal air movement, and no/minimal light.

4 Steps Once a Flood has Happened

Water is one of the essential aspects of life. Without it, we humans could not live. With water being so important, it means using it for everyday life tasks such as drinking, cleaning, bathing, etc. It can also be extremely disruptive. A flooding experience can damage your home or business in ways much more than getting valuable items wet.

When a flood has happened or any sort of water damage, the timetable for the recovery can take time. Getting organized will help in the long run of the process. Putting together lists and photos of what has been ruined or structurally damaged.

Below are 4 steps once a flood has happened to be aware of.

1) Safety- Turn off power and gas, be aware of contaminated waters and have protective clothing
2) Call your insurance company
3) Collect nondamaged property
4) If small, dry out the affected area and if big call a water damage restoration company

Blue River Restoration‘s experts in water damage restoration. Our employees are educated trained and licensed to bring your home back to the way it was.

Your Guide to Recover from a Natural Disaster

Once a natural disaster happens to you and your family, the last thing you are worried about is what to do next. Most likely you are trying to make sure your family is safe and taking it all in on what has happened to your property. The reality is that you are not out of the woods yet. Between liability issues and further damage to the property, figuring out what to do next is a huge step right after the disaster happens.

Whether a disaster affects your commercial or resident property, boarding up the property is key. Legally, you are still liable for your property even if the property is not tenantable. If a person were to come to the damaged property and get injured, you can be liable. Also, most insurance plans do not cover for what happens after the disaster

Boarding up the properties doors and windows will also help with other aspects of the damage such as keeping the property safe from weather after the disaster. The property needs to be attended to once the issues are resolved to prevent damages such as soot, moisture, and smoke damage.

Just like when any other disaster or incident happens, there are the correct steps to take afterward. Once the emergency response team is done with their part of the job, our employees at Blue River Restoration are here to do theirs. Making sure the disaster is all the will damage your property and get you back on your feet.

Boarded Up House

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